How does it work?

Step 1: Upload Photos

Create a virtual twin of your worksite or use one of our prebuilt templates.

Step 2: Set training objectives

Set training objectives and any interactions needed to complete training successfully

Step 3: Launch Training

With 1-click launch training to all devices: mobile, laptop, and headsets.

The Fortune 500's Ultimate Tool at an Approachable Cost

Safe Experiential Learning

70% of what people learn is experiential. 3D VR training programs can merge the best of both worlds. They allow your employees to train, react on the spot and interact live while remaining in a safe environment.

Reduce costs & Increase ROI

No matter what industry you operate in, time is money. That's why VR training programs are an effective way to improve your bottom line through minimizing time to proficiency and reducing trainer costs when onboarding new employees.

Makes the impossible possible

In the midst of these troubled times, field training is a no-go. However, by using our 3D VR training creation platform, you can recreate any situation and training environment at the click of a button.

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$599 year


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We don't blame you. Virtual Reality is already changing how we work but there are still obstacles to implement it your organization. We want to change that.

That is up to you! Transfer Thought is an innovative platform that works across all devices. That means you can use it with a VR headset, on a Laptop, or even just a phone.

All Transfer Thought VR training modules will be sharable with a link. That means you can:
- Embed it into your LMS
- Send in an email
- Or ask about our LMS offering

Nope! We created a platform that allows you to create VR training simulations without writing a line of code. Use our do-it-yourself VR course training creator or use our done-for-you service. We can even transform your old PowerPoint presentation into an immersive VR course.

It used to be but it doesn't have to be. Transfer Thought is on a mission to employer SME with the ability to create VR training modules.

Be an innovator

Build VR training programs with ease.
No coding required.

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